Micky Foods Plantain Chips

Micky Foods

Product ships from Ghana.
Minimum Purchase:
65 units
Maximum Purchase:
5000 units

Product Overview

Micky Foods plantain chips are one of the most nutrient-dense "safe starches" snacks. Rich in potassium, Micky Foods plantain chips are made with vegetable oil and natural seasoning and are available in several delicious flavors including salty, Kelewele (spicy), honey nut, and sweet. 

Micky Foods is a Ghanaian company taking snack making to a new level of professional and international standards. Micky Foods crafts a variety of products from locally sourced produce including plantain chips, peanuts, cocoyam chips and others. 

75 g

Salt: Unripe Plantain, Vegetable Oil, Salt; Kelewele (Spicy): Unripe & Ripe Plantain, Vegetable Oil, and Local Spices; Honey Nut: Unripen Plantain, Vegetable Oil, Nuts, and Honey; Sweet: Ripe Plantain, Vegetable Oil, and Salt. 


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