Micky Foods Shelled Nuts

Micky Foods

Minimum Purchase:
500 units
Maximum Purchase:
5000 units

Product Overview

Micky Foods shelled peanuts are roasted and lightly salted to perfection. Fun to eat with a convenient plastic baggie hygienically tucked away in the packaging to save the shells, Micky Foods are a healthy, protein-dense snack. 

Micky Foods is a Ghanaian company taking snack making to a new level of professional and international standards. Micky Foods crafts a variety of products from locally sourced produce including plantain chips, peanuts, cocoyam chips and others. 

Ingredients: Roasted Peanuts in Shell and Salt. 

Our Quality Pledge

Africa Goodnest brands are derived from nature and produced by registered African businesses with products certified for consumption and export.