About Us

We bring Africa's goodness to your market.

Africa abounds with creative professionals crafting amazing food and beverages, herbs and spices, and health and beauty products. Yet, it is still more common for African countries to export raw commodities that are transformed into international brands and sold to the world, including back to Africans. We can add value here. 

Hendy Farms mango jams and marinades.

Yvaya Farm 100% natural dried fruits.

We help make the business of trade + export from Africa, easier.

We help bring African goods to market. For emerging brands in Africa seeking an international audience, the logistics can be a huge burden. We provide inventory finance, purchase order management and distribution logistics to help get products into the hands of buyers and liberate brands to do what they do best – create amazing products. 

We help international buyers discover African goodness.

International buyers including retailers and distributors, have the opportunity to discover and buy quality, branded, export-ready consumer packaged goods from Africa. Buyers are also assured that all the brands on our platform are already vetted and have appropriate business licensing, product standards certifications and are ready to do business.

Armah Organics Shea Butter Soap

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