About Us

Who We Are

Africa is changing – pulsing at the seams with youth and creativity. Africa Goodnest celebrates Africa and the talented, unique minds creating high quality brands that are on par with what we typically import from abroad. It is us showing that we are more than just exporters of raw materials, but that we too can transform our indigenous ingredients into something beautiful.

We Celebrate Africa

Africa Abounds with creative professionals crafting amazing personal care, food and beverages, and herbs and spices. Yet, it is still more common for African countries to export raw commodities that are transformed into international brands and sold to the world, including back to Africans. We can add value here. 


Africa Goodnest sounds like "goodness" because we are bringing you all of what's good, natural and wholesome from this remarkable African continent.

We Are More Than An E-Commerce Company

Inventory Management

Local Pick-Up

International Shipping

Order Financing

We provide inventory, data and purchase order management. 

We arrange local pick-up of products from suppliers and get them to market.

We facilitate international shipping using secure, traceable methods.

We provide inventory financing of up to 50,000 GHS to help grow your business.