How can a vendor sign up to sell?

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Who can sell on Africa Goodnest?

Brands need to be registered businesses in an African country and should have certifications indicating that consumable products are safe for consumption and export.

Do you have to be black to be a vendor?

The brands selling on Africa Goodnest must have 50% ownership by African nationals. Sometimes African nationals are black, sometimes they are not. For the African nationals who are black, they may not always be pictured because they do not run the main operations of the business or they choose to let their more outgoing counterparts be photographed.

What's the story behind Africa Goodnest?

We started as a way to help small African businesses working in the natural products space to grow. You can read more about us here and in this blog post by the founder.

What do you believe in?

We believe in ethical brands that pay their workers a fair wage, use quality ingredients without the use of harmful pesticides or unnecessary ingredients and who value the people with whom they work. 

How can I help Africa Goodnest grow?

It would mean so much if you would follow us on Instagram and Facebook, like our posts, leave comments and sign up for our newsletter! Please also share us with your friends, family and neighbors.