Africa Goodnest Services

About Africa Goodnest

Africa Goodnest is an e-commerce and logistics platform for made-in-Africa consumer packaged goods in the food and beverage, herbs and spices, and health and beauty care categories. The Suppliers’ products we market and feature are made with natural inputs, with no harmful chemicals, pesticides or unnecessary ingredients.


Akwaaba and Chale Wote Plan Services

The Akwaaba Plan is a complimentary and introductory option for emerging brands selling within their local markets, in Africa, e.g. Ghana. The Chale Wote Plan is a paid plan suggested for brands looking for a marketing boost. With the Akwaaba and Chale Wote plans, we offer positioning on the catalogue page of Africa Goodnest’s website. Supplier's products may be stocked in Ghana at a third-party storage, packing and fulfillment service. 


Makola Market Plan Services

Africa Goodnest together with our partner offers a fulfillment service which allows for the storage, sales, packaging and shipping of Supplier products to both retail and wholesale customers, from New York, US.  


Our Services

Africa Goodnest is proud to work with emerging African brands at all stages of their business growth. We intend to be the brand you grow with and so offer different services intended to meet brands where they are.


Storage Space/Bins

Only one stock keeping unit (SKU) or distinct product item can be stored in one bin at a time. For example, if Supplier offers green tea and black tea, one bin will only store either green or black tea, but not both. If Supplier determines that they will need a certain bin size to store their goods, but upon receipt, Africa Goodnest determines that the number of goods exceeds the capacity of a bin that would allow for safe storage, Supplier’s products will be transferred to the next largest bin size at Supplier’s expense, if applicable. Storage bins can be refilled at no expense in addition to monthly service charge, if any. There is no anticipated additional fee for picking, packing and shipping. Costs of returns due to manufacturer defect may be borne by Supplier as per agreed upon in Supplier Distributor Agreement.



Supplier agrees that it is solely responsible for insuring Supplier products against loss and casualty, however caused, and Supplier's insurance shall be primary to any insurance carried by Africa Goodnest or its partners, if any. Africa Goodnest partners shall obtain and maintain, at all times during the term of this agreement, goods in transit insurance and insurance covering the storage of the goods as may be required by law.


Product Ownership

Products are property of Supplier and not Africa Goodnest or Lifethyme Natural Market until such time as they are sold to retail or wholesale customer. Thus, should Supplier decide to cease its agreement with Africa Goodnest, Supplier can elect to have products returned at Supplier’s own cost. Alternatively, products can be sold at discount or donated at Supplier’s request.


Shipping of Products

Supplier is responsible for shipping products to storage/warehouse facility and any import taxes, customs duties, and/or fees imposed that may arise. These charges will typically be due once the shipped goods arrive at their destination and are to be borne by the Supplier. Further, Supplier shall be responsible for obtaining information regarding products that can be shipped with regards laws, regulations and restrictions. Africa Goodnest shall not be responsible for any cost of returns due to unintended ignorance of the law on Supplier’s part. 



Supplier products are sold on consignment. Supplier is paid at wholesale price stated to Africa Goodnest. Should wholesale price change, Supplier must inform Africa Goodnest in writing at which time pricing will be adjusted. Supplier further understands that Africa Goodnest will markup consumer price for purposes of sales to retail or wholesale customers. Products returned due to Supplier defect or error, whether intentional or not, shall be borne by Supplier. Further details on product sales and returns are covered in Supplier Distributor Agreement


Product Licenses

All products shall have a valid certificate from an authorizing body in country of product origin stating that product is safe for consumption and export. Supplier shall also have valid business registration stating that business is duly registered in an African country. 



Africa Goodnest may market products on social media, or other conventional forms of communication including newsletters, radio, or print ads. Africa Goodnest may also provide paid social media ads as well as in-store product activation as requested. Please note that additional fees may apply. Further detail on Supplier marketing is included in Supplier Distributor Agreement.




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