Teddy's Chili Powder

Teddy's Cravings

Product ships from Ghana.
Minimum Purchase:
100 units
Maximum Purchase:
1000 units

Product Overview

Teddy' Chlili Powder is a vibrant and fiery spice that adds a bold kick of heat to your culinary creations. The powder is an intense red made with a robust combination of spicy and smoky notes. Teddy's Chilli Powder is made from a blend of dried and ground chilli peppers, carefully selected to provide a balanced level of heat and flavor.

Teddy's Cravings is a small Ghanaian business delivering innovative, premium quality foods to their consumers. Teddy's line of healthy natural products is carefully produced with love as evidenced in their motto "Crave it? We'll make it." 

ingredients: Chilli Powder.

140 g



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