Meet Our Brands

Yvaya Farm produces dried tropical fruits with an eye towards justice and purity for farmers, food and the environment.

Hendy Farms is an award-winning line of mango-based sauces and jams produced by two sisters on a family mango farm. 

Nkubar Company adds a modern conscientious aesthetic to classic Ghanaian products like shea and coconut oils.

Gold Coast Roasters incorporates agricultural sustainability into their entire coffee value-chain process from farm to cup.

Dr. Bates Solutions is a 100% plant origin natural skincare line that restores and renews radiance for all skin types.

Natural Treats Luxury is a natural shea butter skin and hair care line putting women and mothers first.

Ele Agbe produces shea butter products and trains the competition to do the same.

Armah Organics is a skin-sensitive brand that trains young women to craft shea butter soaps and butters. 

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Our Quality Assurance Pledge

Africa Goodnest brands are derived from nature and produced by registered African businesses with products certified for consumption and export.