Meet Our Brands

Creative makers crafting and blending natural products free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

Sedem Gavua

Sandra & Rita

William & Daryl

Leaves of Magic believes that for every illness, there is a plant that can cure. Moringa is a base for this line of all natural tissanes and powders.

Hendy Farms is an award-winning line of mango-based sauces and jams produced by two sisters on their family’s mango farm in Ghana. 

Nkubar Company bases their environmentally friendly skincare brand on shea butter and without the use of chemicals or plastic packaging.

Cillian Walsh

Nanayaa Bates

David & Elke

Gold Coast Roasters incorporates agricultural sustainability into their entire coffee value-chain process from farm to cup.

Dr. Bates Solutions is a 100% plant origin natural skincare line that restores and renews radiance for all skin types.

Sprinkles Spirulina is cultivated to be more nutrient dense by using minimal processing and less heat to retain antioxidants. 

Yvette & Emmanuel

Yvaya Farm produces delicious dried tropical fruits with an eye towards justice and purity for farmers, food and the environment.