Sprinkles Spirulina

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Sprinkles Spirulina is a potent food supplement rich in antioxidants, minerals, protein and vitamins. It is cultivated and processed without the use of industrial heat, helping to preserve its rich nutrient content. Add to smoothies and juice blends, or sprinkle on food!

Sprinkles incorporates environmental sustainability into cultivating their potent superfood. Farmed and sourced on a private state-of-the art farm in the Volta Region of Ghana, Sprinkles uses no industrial heat to process or grind their spirulina as is done during conventional preparation methods. Instead, Sprinkles Spirulina is first pressed, then dried at a controlled temperature that helps preserve the high vitamin, mineral, protein and antioxidant content of this nutritional supplement.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Spirulina

100 g


(No reviews yet) Write a Review