Mahogany Soap Dish Tray

Nkubar Company

Product ships from Ghana.
Minimum Purchase:
6 units
Maximum Purchase:
25 units

Product Overview

Nkubar's Dua Kukuo (or "wood pot" in Twi) combines heritage, craft, and functionality in this handcrafted soap dish tray made of resalvaged African mahogany using traditional woodworking methods. This tray is perfect for use with Nkubar's Black Soap for either storage or turning it into liquid. It can also be used with Nkuto Moisturizing Lotion Bars and comes with a wooden spatula to make applying lotion or cutting soaps, easier. 

Nkubar Company adds a modern, conscientious aesthetic to classic Ghanaian products to create items like shea butter candles, moisturizing lotion bars and moringa-infused solid shampoo bars. No plastic, no chemicals, all African.

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