Aku Organics Tea

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Product Overview

Aku Organics sources pure, fresh and ethical herbs and flowers from Africa to create their signature health teas. Made of natural plant-based ingredients, free of chemicals and toxins and hand-packed into biodegradable corn fibre tea bags. All teas can be enjoyed as a hot or iced beverage, or as an addition to other drinks and cocktails, baked goods, culinary oils and powders. Can also be added to homemade skincare oils and soaps. 

Restore Tea is a zesty, spicy and warm infusion blend of gently dehydrated ginger root, turmeric root and moringa leaves. A powerful immune boosting antioxidant and vitamin packed infusion blend.

Size: 115 g/20 tea bags.

Circulate Tea is a sweet, invigorating and flavorful infusion blend of hand harvested, gently dehydrated hibiscus flowers, sweet sugarloaf Ghanaian pineapples and Jasmine green tea. Tart cranberry-like taste with hints of sweet pineapple and floral notes. 

Size: 100 g/20 tea bags.

Easy Tea is a stress-relieving infusion of hand-harvested, gently dehydrated Egyptian chamomile flowers and mugwort. Flowery with mellow honey-like notes and a hint of bitterness balanced by the mellow sweetness of chamomile.

Size: 100 g/20 tea bags.

Lifted Tea is a minty, earthy and floral blend of gently dehydrated lemongrass, lavender buds and peppermint leaves. A minty refreshing calming infusions blend.

Size: 85 g/20 tea bags.

Soothe Me Tea is a chocolatey, warm-spicy and rich infusion blend of gently dehydrated sweet coconut flakes, cinnamon bark and pure cocoa powder.

Size: 100 g/20 tea bags.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review